Torghabeh access is very easy and  can easily travel by private car to the area. To go to the mountain area Torghabeh must be logged in Vakil Abad Street and then on the road that the Emam Reza goes, scroll to the end of the boulevard to reach Torghabeh. During the course of more than half an hour not spent.

You can Mashhad metro and get off at the last station off the western terminal, then go to the bus stop or taxi and to easily get into the city Torghabeh .

City Torghabeh can be used to detect a variety of leisure facilities and pristine natural space for gathering family knew better than Tour; But the Tour restaurant very famous and unique in its place; So if you’re going to eat one of these two regions, travel, san francisco can be a better choice for you, though Torghabeh in your type of restaurant multiple is high-quality .

In general, to answer this common question, people’s interests must be taken into account. For  example, Torqabeh Mashhad is very suitable for people who want to spend an attractive time in a pristine and natural area. On the other hand, if you are one of those people who want to taste the best food in the best restaurants of Khorasan in attractive nature, Shandiz choice  will be very ideal for you .

Torqabeh Restaurants

Torghabeh of restaurants and a variety of high-quality foods that can greatly draw your consent. Restaurant of Torghabeh Mashhad after the tourist  environment, it has made remarkable progress and provide colorful and tasty dishes, taste shown more of that.